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It's not just pouring concrete: 

AmeTex Home Improvement understands the importance of pouring concrete. It is important that you obtain a contractor that understands this process. Pouring concrete is complex. AmeTex Home Improvement, understands the process.

Whether you are looking into pouring a driveway, staining concrete, making a walkway, building a fire pit, AmeTex Home Improvement handles it all.


We want it to last a long time: 

We make sure that the concrete is secured and reinforced so that you and your loved ones can enjoy or benefit from it for many years to come. Our process is simple; we reinforced concrete by forming the concrete inside a metal or timber framework or by casting the concrete around ridged steel bars called rebars (reinforcing bars). Another variation called stressed or pre-stressed concrete involves molding wet concrete around pre-tensioned steel wires. The wires compress the concrete as it sets, making it much harder.


How it works: 

Steel is good at withstanding tensile stress (bending forces), whereas concrete is good at bearing compressive stress (squeezing forces) but can crack under tensile stress. The idea of reinforced concrete—concrete strengthened with steel or glass fibers—is to combine these two qualities to produce a material that is stronger than either material alone.


Call us for your next concrete project!

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