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The Insurance Claim 

Filing an insurance claim for your roof damage can seem like an overwhelming task however we help make the process as easy as possible. 


Step 1. Taking care of your property

Step number one should be taking care of your property so that no further damage occurs to your home. Thus, determine whether or not the damage has cost leaks that will cause further damage to the inside of your building or home.


Step 2. Contact your insurance company

Now, contact your insurance company pronto. When contacting your insurance you want to be sure that you have your policy on hand. Be sure to write down the exact date that the damage occurred. Furthermore, our recommendation is that you start a folder or file to keep all this information in one safe place for future reference.


Step 3. Call Ametex Roofing & Home Improvement

Need a Waco residential roofing company? Then call Ametex Roofing today, we can help answer questions you may have regarding the claims process and we will advise you each step of the way. With our experience we can guide you through the jungle quickly and easily.


Please Note: Do not put this off most insurance companies have deadlines regarding the amount of time you have to file a claim.

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