Formerly Central Texas Xtreme Roofing with an “X,” Ametex Roofing is the company you can depend on. We take pride in every project we undertake and understand that our reputation within the community is on the line every time we install a roof we are not willing to gamble that reputation by cutting corners. Every roof we install has our name on it and we take that very seriously. It is our goal to educate people and to gain the trust of our fellow Texans about the roofing and home improvement industries. There are many roofing companies who are specious and untrustworthy. Many roofers install the same roofing products but you need to look closer at the values and experience and make an informed decision. We understand that you need a contractor who is going to install your new roof correctly the first time and be around after the work is complete to warranty any future issues that may arise.

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carpenter nailing a broken roof ametex roofing waco texas
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Amatex roofing
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